General Information and Rules

  • Only adults over the age of 18 are allowed on walks. No children, accompanied or otherwise.
  • No dogs are allowed on walks under any circumstances.
  • Participation in a walk is at the walk leader’s discretion. If someone does not have the necessary equipment or is considered not able for the walk they will be requested not to take part.
  • Hillwalking can be a potentially hazardous activity. It is important that people participating in walks organised by the club are aware of this. While the club will endeavour to ensure the safety of all who participate in their activities, it is the personal responsibility of everybody participating in them to look to their own safety and best interests.
  • Participants in walks should be aware that they are responsible for their own actions and decisions, especially if they choose to disregard the advice of the walk leaders.
  • Walk leaders are members of the club who have demonstrated that they have the experience and personal skills necessary to lead a group safely in the terrain they will encounter. Bear in mind that the leaders are all volunteers and should be respected as such.
  • The leader has the right to extend, curtail or alter the route from that described at the walk start. The leader sets the pace of the hike and walkers are expected to follow this pace.
  • All walkers have a duty of responsibility towards the leader and the group as a whole. This means that they must not do anything to undermine the authority of the leader nor the safety of the group. Walkers must follow all reasonable instructions from the leader.
  • For everybody’s safety and security those starting out together must stay together during the walk. A group may travel no faster than the speed of its slowest member. If you go ahead of the walk leader of your own accord, then you are no longer considered to be part of the group and you are responsible for your own actions and for those who follow you.