Grades of Walk

We have 3 grades of walk in the Bray Strollers, ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’.

‘C’ Walks are the easiest of our walks. They are usually 3.5 to 4 hours long and although at a relaxed pace, still require a reasonable level of fitness, and will involve some walking uphill as well as on the flat.

B’ Walks are at an intermediate level and for those who already have some hillwalking experience and are generally up to about 15 km in length and about 6 hours in duration. The pace is fairly relaxed, there will be two stops for a bite to eat, plus there’ll be plenty of time to look around and to take a breather and/or admire the scenery now and then. Most  walking will be along established forest and mountain tracks, but there may be some occasional walking across open ground.

‘A’ Walks are for experienced walkers and are anything between 15 and 25 km in length depending on the difficulty of the terrain, the time of the year, and could be quite long (up to 8 hours) if the hours of daylight permit. The pace will be quite a bit livelier than the ‘B’ walks, but we still stop a couple of times for a bite to eat though! ‘A’ walks will also be along established tracks, but also on open ground that can be steep, rocky and uneven, so are for experienced walkers only.